Hey, I'm Jacob. It's nice to meet you.

I've been fascinated by how the technology works ever since I was a kid. I first started programming when I was 14 years-old by teaching myself C++ and making games thanks to courses from 3D Buzz. Once I was comfortable with C++, I started to teach myself C# so that I could make simple Windows applications which slowly evolved into an interest in ASP.NET and how websites work.

Alongside my interest in programming, I was also involved in a lot of online games, starting with Ultima Online and moving through practically every MMORPG that has been released. One of these games, Final Fantasy XI, was pivotal in shaping my future. It was through this game that I gained an interest in Japan and the Japanese language as well as a passion for web development.

I began creating websites in Geocities before I became more confident in my own abilities. Since then, I've worked as a game programmer, application developer, integration expert, and CTO, challenging myself to learn new technologies, paradigms, and techniques along the way.

I'd love to work with your team to help push your product to the next level or to realize a product that you think the world needs. Reach out to me via email or on Twitter and let's chat!